Two schools in the St. Louis area have reported students falling ill with mumps, and another school reported a case of viral meningitis.

Cases of the mumps have been confirmed at both West Elementary in Alton, Ill. and Trenton Elementary in Trenton, Ill. A case of viral meningitis was confirmed at Carr Lane Visual and Performing Arts Middle School in St. Louis.

The superintendent of Trenton schools says the student with mumps, a pre-kindergartner, was up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Doctors say there is a small chance even a child who is immunized could get the mumps if exposed to the virus. That’s why it is important to maintain high vaccination rates.

All three schools have alerted parents and thoroughly cleaned their classrooms.

Mumps is extremely contagious and symptoms include fatigue, head ache, body aches, loss of appetite and a low-grade fever.

The CDC recommends children be immunized with two doses of MMR, which it says is the best protection from the mumps virus.