ST. LOUIS - A group called Decarcerate St. Louis wants the jail on Hall Street closed.

Former inmates joined the group outside City Hall Tuesday morning to talk about the conditions at the jail. Some of the complaints: the jail is extremely warm in the summer and very cold in the winter, cramped quarters, and food prepared in unsanitary conditions. Some of those who spoke called conditions deplorable.

"I feel the conditions at the workhouse is unacceptable: for living, for the food that they are feeding inmates and from the medical treatment that people are not receiving," said former inmate Frankie Edwards.

NewsChannel 5 reached out the city for response. A spokesperson for the mayor says people are not being kept in jail for failure to pay a city ordinance violation. They say the majority of people there are awaiting trial for state felony charges.

And as for conditions, the city says the Health Department was there earlier this month and gave the workhouse a 99 out of 100 score.

The Decarcerate St. Louis group says it wants an outside agency conducting the inspections.