ID=15411785ST. CHARLES, MO - The city of St. Charles is taking on e-cigarettes. Some bars and restaurants already ban smoking, and now customers could be banned from vaping too.

An amendment to the smoking ordinance was introduced Tuesday night.

Right now in the City of St. Charles it's up to the individual bar and restaurant owners - if they want to allow smoking inside or ban it, but the definition of "smoking" could soon be changing.

On every bar and restaurant in St. Charles city, you'll find a sign that indicates smoking or not smoking-- cigarettes that is. Soon vaping or using e-cigarettes may soon be included in the term smoking.

"We should have a respect for wherever we go as vapors and or smokers," says Clifton Brown co-owner of Main Street Vapor Worx.

He says he doesn't mind not being able to vape inside, but doesn't like the fact that now e-cigarette users are being lumped in with cigarette smokers.

"Just a matter of us understanding one another instead of somebody just saying 'no that's bad don't do it,'" says Brown. "That's not what it is, they are classifying us as something that we are not."

City Council President Dave Beckering says they are not comparing cigarettes to e-cigs.

"We are not doing it for health reasons," says Beckering. "Just simply to clarify it so it's very easy and everyone knows what the rules are."

"I let them do it because it's legal," says Cooper's owner Bill Komlose.

The bar and grill is one of the few bars on Main Street with the no smoking sign.

Komlose says even though they're a non-smoking bar, patrons keep vaping inside, so he hopes the new ordinance passes.

"I kind of like it. It takes the pressure off of me. Vaping is something I don't personally care for because it still smells," says Komlose.

The council will vote on the issue March 17th -- the council president believes it will pass.


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