Get your heels, your scorecards and your tweeting fingers ready: Awards season has begun.

The Golden Globes are helping usher in the season of gowns and golden trophies on Sunday (8 p.m ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC). The night brings your faves from both film and television together in one hotel ballroom with speeches and a lot of booze. In preparation for the ceremony, we picked out five shows and movies from the nominees that are available to stream. Tux not included.

If you want to know the next big thing: Insecure

HBO's new comedy starring Issa Rae was a bright spot in the flood of new shows this fall (just ask USA TODAY TV Critic Robert Bianco). The show is unique, hilarious and effortlessly written and acted. The HFPA likes to award the best actress in a comedy trophy to a shiny, acclaimed new talent (see wins for CW starlets Gina Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom), and no one shone brighter than Rae this year. Watch the show before you (hopefully) watch her acceptance speech.

Stream Insecure on HBO Go.

If you're looking for thrills: The Night Manager

Remember the fever pitch of speculation that Tom Hiddleston might play James Bond? The Night Manager is why. The show, which aired on AMC, featured Hiddleston as a spy trying to infiltrate a criminal's inner circle. It's got action and thrills and a great performance from the actor. Watch and forget all about Hiddleswift (if you haven't already).

Stream The Night Manager on Amazon.

If you like your TV with an extra dash of sweetness: This Is Us

One of the breakout hits of the fall TV season is actually on regular old broadcast TV, if you can believe it. The time-jumping NBC drama about a complicated family may be a bit too saccharine for some but might hit the happy-cry sweet spot for others. The first season is still going, but you can get caught up on all the tears and inspirational push-ups (trust us) that have happened thus far.

Stream This is Us on Hulu.

If you can't make it to a movie theater: Hell or High Water

Most of the films nominated are still in theaters (here are the ones you should see if you have time), but don't forget some of the gems that came out earlier this year. One is Hell or High Water, a low key western starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster that is nominated for best drama. The film follows two brothers who rob different branches of the same bank to pay off their mothers' debt. Bridges has already won an award for his work as the cop on the case.

Rent Hell or High Water on Amazon,

If you love Meryl and can handle something really heavy: Sophie's Choice

Meryl Streep is receiving the Cecil B. Demille award this year, celebrating her entire body of work. One of her best performances is available to stream, in one of the most intense and heartbreaking movies of all time. It may just be worth it.

Stream Sophie's Choice on Amazon.  (If you want something a little lighter, you can buy bad-singing comedy Florence Foster Jenkins on Amazon or iTunes.)

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