Film editor Kevin Ross is used to trying to explain what the hit Netflix series, “Stranger Things” is all about.

“It’s a love letter to “E.T.” or “Close Encounters"," said Ross, “even though it’s not a ripoff, but it has that '80s feel to it.”

“Stranger Things” became a Netflix success story and was nominated for multiple Golden Globe Awards. Ross — a Mizzou graduate from Farmington, Missouri — is enjoying the wild ride of sudden popularity.

“It was one of those things we knew was special when we were shooting it and editing it, but we never expected reception it was going to have,” said Ross.

As a college student, Ross doubted a kid from Farmington could make it to the film industry in Hollywood, so he majored in journalism. His first big break was being accepted at the USC Film School in Los Angeles. He went onto serve as assistant editor on films like “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Speed”.

“The editor is the ultimate gatekeeper in that they decide what goes in a film and what stays out,” said Ross, “and they have to make choices about when are they going stay with a wide shot, or when are they going to get close to show the emotion of that actor?”

Although Ross lives in L.A. and travels the world to edit films and TV shows, St. Louis was in his heart when introducing his twin children to baseball.

“I wouldn’t let them see a professional baseball game until they had seen the Cardinals at Busch Stadium," he said. "No Dodger Stadium, no L.A. Dodgers until they had seen a Cardinal game in person."

Ross said he’s already begun editing season two of “Stranger Things” and is also the editor of the upcoming NBC show “Taken”.