Mila Kunis admits to Ellen DeGeneres on her Friday show that she and Ashton Kutcher had proudly been able to "hide it for a very long time." She means her baby bump. And her engagement.

Key details (which we can't exactly call revelations):

Due date? "Some time this year. I promise you. It will be this year."

Boy or girl? "No." (She won't say.)

Name picked out? "Yes."

Cravings? "Yes, I mean I'm very stereotypical. I eat sauerkraut all day long. "

"This is the worst craving to have because sauerkraut smells and so every time you open up a jar it just reeks in the whole kitchen. It smells so bad."

Delivery plans? "…I'm gonna do it as all natural as I possibly can unless that there's an emergency or something that should wrong."

Done hiding: "I was wearing the ring in public for two months and no photograph was ever…like nobody ever commented on a single photograph."