One of the biggest misconceptions in cinema is that animated films should only appeal to kids. Why not the adults? It is common knowledge that adults escort these kiddos to the theater for this adventures, endure the experience, and usually have to buy an "adult" beverage to get through it. The latest animated adventure, Sing, is a film that appeals to all ages. It's quite a charming experience. 

Sing is not a comedy either. That's another misconception. All animated films have to be comedies. Finding Nemo, my favorite animated film of all time, isn't a comedy. It's a drama about a father desperately looking for his son in the open sea. Sing is about a theater owner desperately fighting against the modern method of entertainment. An old lion trying to create a show that fills the seats in his house instead of people seeking their fix on their phones. 

Buster Moon(voiced perfectly by Matthew McConaughey) owes money to the bank and is about to lose his theater. He has one last shot. A singing competition with all kinds of talent coming in to square off for a grand prize of 1,000 dollars. Or 10,000, because his assistant is so old that she didn't hear him correctly. The competition is Moon's last shot at honoring the promise of his father, who gave Buster the funds to open the place decades ago. 

The characters who come in range from criminal(Taron Egerton's ape who doesn't want the life of crime his father has lined up for him) to an overworked house wife(Reese Witherspoon's Rosita) to Tori Kelly's shy yet vocally gifted Meena. How about Seth McFarlane's old school jazz specialist Mike? Jennifer Hudson, Scarlett Johansson, and Nick Kroll also voice roles here, and all perform admirably. 

The soundtracks includes classic hits young and old. You have some Katy Perry "Fireworks" and old tunes like Cyndi Lauper's True Colors. It's lively and will get you moving in your seats. If you have ever watched American Idol or The Voice, you'll get the picture here. Sing is more entertaining than watching real singers aim for the prize. What's better than a gorilla going up against a couple pigs for ten thousand? 

I watched the movie with my son and wife. Rachel and I were laughing and enjoying it more while Vinny wanted to head home halfway through. Other kids were getting a kick out of it and so were their parents. Behind us, a single woman sat and laughed all by herself. 

Sing won't win Best Animated Film at the Oscars next month. Zootopia has that locked down and for good reason. It is a charming delight that can persuade the parent to indulge and put away the phone for a couple hours. 

There's a classy vibe to the flick as well. The idea of a dying art(a classic movie theater) trying to keep its doors open and stay profitable. I loved seeing the lengths Buster Moon would go to in order to save his theater. 

Sing isn't a perfect film by any means, but it takes you away for a little while and allows you to enjoy a film with your children and have it not feel like work. The colors and movement will appeal to the young, while the morals will sing loud and clear to the adult. 

Check out this charming escape.