It was a moment a local couple will never forget, and now it's been seen by tens of thousands of country music fans.

In August, Brad Paisley helped a local couple reveal the gender of their baby at his concert at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre.

Video from that gender reveal is featured in Paisley's new video, "Today", which was released on Thursday.

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Kyle Thayer of Warrenton, Mo., was able to get the attention of Brad Paisley through the power of social media.

“I actually signed up for a Twitter account only to get a hold of Brad Paisley for this. I had never done the Twitter thing before,” Kyle told NewsChannel 5. “I got pictures showing every day I was trying to get a hold of him. He finally got the message through the different radio stations.”

So during his concert, Paisley pulled Kyle and his wife Monica onstage for the big reveal.

Photos: Brad Paisley helps with gender reveal

In front of a packed house, Paisley opened the envelope containing the gender.

Baby Thayer is a boy! And the Thayers say they're going to name him Bradley.