Comedy is hard, so it should never be taken for granted. You get up on a stage in front of a group of people, and tell stories and urge them to laugh. A silent crowd can be death, but a loud one can awake the soul. The crushing thud of a bad joke or the rising fever of a well told anecdote live on the same street in the comedy zip code. Last week at Southtown Pub in South City, We Are Live(consisting of Chris Denman, Travis Terrell, Michael Gaines, and Carlie Lawrence) brought out the true hard working comics with a two night edition of Target Practice Live.

Whether it was local comic Rafe Williams or Dylan Palladino all the way from New York City, the laughs were frequent and the good times were had by several. Comics were pitted against each other, and only one moved on. 

That's what We Are Live wants to do in this city. They burst onto the scene with the Tim McKernan powered Inside STL team that started at CBS 920 AM and now sits at 590 The Fan, but are now hosting events that shine a light on fellow scrappers. The souls who dig in deep, and lead with passion. Part comedy, part storytellers, We Are Live aims to please and last week started something that may continue. 

South City native Tony Palazzola saw how the entire event was essentially a friend roast. "It's basically your friends ripping on one another. Listening to the burns snowball and play off each other is my favorite part. The hosts are creative, and it's quite entertaining," noted Palazzola about Target Practice Live. 

Matt Kevin, a friend of the show, also noted the easy going camaraderie of the room. "I felt like I was hanging out with 44 other friends. We were laughing, enjoying great food and drink, all while talking smack. It's refreshing to see how humble and hard working Travis, Chris, Carlie, & Gaines are while creating a brand I am proud to support."

Local voice Jim Bunten liked the variety of comics that showed up and how the We Are Live gang are doing unique things in St. Louis. "Target Practice is great, and dare I say, "fresh." I say "fresh" because we're in a world where things become uninteresting quickly," Bunted added. For an aspiring podcast voice, he appreciated the reach We Are Live displayed. "It's pretty cool to see two guys you know bringing in not only local comedians, but well respected ones from across the country, here to St. Louis. Cheers to Chris and Travis for a job well done on this."

Matthew Ehrenreich, who helped sponsor the event, appreciates the hard work behind the brand that this comedy team is firing up in this city. "The We Are Live team has consistently delivered a quality product to it's listeners, and with their determination and creativity, the only direction for them to go from here is up."

Isn't that what comedy is for? A release from the daily rigors of everyday life. Something to throw a hat on at the end of the day. There wasn't a single person who didn't walk into Southtown Pub and leave with a smile on their face last week.

In the end, one local St. Louisan thinks the effect of the show runs deeper than most would expect. "In a city that fears change, it's nice to finally have something that's fresh and new. We Are Live and Target Practice delivers an outlet from the mundane and encourages you to leave your sensitivity at the door," added Kurt Brown, a loyal listener of the show."

Where is that show going exactly? Denman is hinting at news dropping next week of a potential landing spot for the comedy driven show. There will be another Target Practice Live event in April, and more live shows to follow. Here's what you should know. We Are Live is going to be around for a while. The good news: the bandwagon isn't anywhere near full yet. Join in the fun, and stay tuned for their next move.