Doctor Strange meet Law & Order: Strange. That’s the name we’d give the show Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Fallon came up with in "Mad Lib Theater" on The Tonight Show. It works when the script is a Mad Lib involving a case of 4,229 eggs stolen from Macy’s that Cumberbatch is dying to crack.

His suspect is Fallon, aka Mrs. Tate, who dresses like Elliot from Mr. Robot.

A large part of the scene’s success can be attributed to the Sherlock star’s unique Mad Lib answers. Chances are they are better than the ones you used to dole out on the school bus.

“Flibbertigibbet,” “buttock,” “gyrating,” and “half a millimeter,” are all answers he gave producing masterful lines like “Then why does security camera footage show you gyrating just half a millimeter away from the crime scene?”

Watch the clip below to witness the hilarity and help us pinpoint Cumberbatch’s accent. It’s kind of a blend à la Lindsay Lohan, but we know it’s somewhere in the northeast.

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