It is a municipality growing so quickly the population sign can't keep up.

A place where grain bins are still a backdrop, but bobcats are busier than ever.

"Well, there's a whole lot of construction going on," says David Gipson, the City Administrator.

He's a man who keeps an eye on all of the progress in Wentzville.

"There's a new general store that just opened that's great for kids they have a soda fountain."

It's not just new businesses, it's new everything.

"We're doing over 700 single family residential permits a year which in turn spurs growth with our fire protection district, with the local school district, with the ambulance district, Gipson points out.

The thing about Wentzville is as much as things change, the more they stay the same.

"One of our biggest points of pride here in the city is the nation's first Vietnam Memorial. It was dedicated in December of 1967 and it's a fixture of our community and attracts a lot of attention, a lot of visitors every year."

It's one more thing that makes this community so inviting.

"The small town feel in a growing community is a huge part of our life here," Gipson says.

So it might be known as The crossroads of the nation, but Wentzville knows exactly where it's heading.