In a kitchen in Chesterfield, Bryan Byerly carefully calculates the ingredients to a delicious concoction that for decades was only really available in your mom or grandma's kitchen.

"No matter who you are, where you've been, everybody has had their hand in mom's or grandma's mixing bowl sneaking a bite," Byerly says.

"I come from a household of four kids and we used to fight over the spatula," Jen Naslund adds.

It's those memories that she hopes to stir up with the Half Baked Cookie Dough Co. food truck.

"We're serving the dough like ice cream with a topping on top.

Six distinctly different cookie dough flavors.

"We have the chipless traditional what you know, grandma used to make. Peanut butter, sugar cookie, chocolate, oatmeal," Byerly says running through the list.

There's also a gluten-free vegan and edible brownie batter.

"Yes we're a cookie dough truck, but you know if you're going to step out of your comfort zone and eat cookie dough you probably have stolen a swipe or two of brownie batter from your mom's bowl too," Naslund says.

The truck has two commercial ovens so you can have it baked or even take it home and bake it yourself, but the idea is to eat it raw.

"Our dough is completely 100 percent safe and ready to eat raw. The flour we use is heat treated kills off any remaining bacteria that's in regular flour. The egg whites are pasteurized so that's heat treated as well," Byerly points out.

Jen even did two different taste tests on each of the doughs. One from the mixing bowl and one from the oven

"That was part of the taste testing we wanted people to love our product no matter how they ate it." Naylund says.

And I have to say the raw get my stamp of approval.

"You have cupcake places, you have dessert trucks, but for exclusive cookie dough we are it." Byerly adds.

The Half Baked Cookie Dough Co. truck hits the street this Friday. They will also cater your event call 636-345-7554 or go to