It is a new musical set in the 1590's.
"Anyone who hears Renaissance and is like ugh, it's all done with a sense of humor and a wink," explains Rob McClure who plays Nick Bottom.
He's one of two Bottom Brothers.  Playwrights competing with Shakespeare, but who have sort of hit rock bottom.
"They're failing to the point that they go to a soothsayer to find out what the next big thing in theater will be to try to trump Shakespeare and he tells them that musicals are going to be the next big thing. So they set out to write the world's first musical." 
Something Rotten is something that is beyond funny from the first line to the last.  Lines delivered by a talented cast that actually includes Rob's wife.
"It's so great to work together.  And it is kind of fun to know I'm getting paid to kiss my husband," Maggie Lakis adds.
They are a husband and wife playing a husband and wife.  They along with about 25 other actors slip into incredible costumes to give the audience a different look at Shakespeare and the world around him.
"Here are some of the boots that they wear, those are just regular, but then they have also tap boots," Lakis points out.
It's the same boot only this pair has taps and a microphone.
"The cable will run down through these laces and then get velcroed so it will literally be sticking out right here to catch the sound made underneath," McClue points out.
Every hat also has a mic.
"You can have a mic on your taps, a mic on your forehead and a mic in your hat." 
As you can see this lovely couple wears many hats including backstage tour guides and since Rob has done seven shows at The Muny he can also step into the role of St. Louis tour guide.
"A lot of people on this tour have never been to St. Louis, I was so bad I'm like the cruise director.  I was like we're going to do City Museum on this day, we're going to go get Ted Drewes on that day, we're going to hear Kim Massie sing at the Beale on this night." 
Of course what he gets paid to do is step on this stage and entertain and this is a man, a show that does not disappoint.