It is a road that leads to a Crystal City landmark.  A small building where people have been bellying up to the bar for a burger since Truman was president.
"It's the best there is, there's nothing like it," Jennifer, a customer says.
Gordon's Stoplight Drive-In opened back in 1948 and well, not too much has changed over the years.
"We've had a few remodels because of the floods, but other than that everything is identical," explains Chris Grass, the owner.
The same old stools still line the bar.
"Uh, they've been recovered a few times, but yes."
And the grill is as busy as ever.
"We have what we feel is the best burger around. It's a thin smashed style seared on the grill that's what we're known for is our burgers," Grass adds.
He and his family bought the place in 1997.
"Gordon Heddell started it.  He ran it for just under 50 years.  He had it pretty much perfected and we're not going to miss with it."
By the looks of how busy they are there's no need to.
"We have customers from all across the country that lived here and moved away and every time they come back and the first place they get off the airplane and come here and the last place they go before they go home is here," Grass says.
Jennifer is a perfect example.
"Moved to St. Louis about eight years ago, but every day they get off school or any chance we get we drive down and have a Stoplight cheeseburger," she explains.
And sometimes a milkshake.  You can also grab a coney island or a grilled chicken sandwich, but most people come to Gordon's Spotlight Drive-In for the burger and a side of nostalgia.