The newest exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum is a bit of a treasure hunt.

Simon Kelly, Curator of Modern Contemporary Art , said, "They are spread around the museum in sort of engaging and interesting ways."

There are 8 head-turning hats, strategically placed around sculptures and paintings that match the theme of these high end fashion accessories.

He said, "It activates works in our own collection. To see the dialogue with this hat and see the way it dialogues with the water lilies painting, is a nice connection."

These aren't just any hats, these are all made by british hat maker Stephen Jones, a well known name in the fashion world.

Simon said, "He established himself in the 1980s in London. One of his first major clients was Princess Diana."

While you won't find Princess Diana's hat at the St. Louis Art Museum, you will find one worn by a royal relative. Pippa Middleton wore one of the hats on display in 2014. Visitors will also come across a glass headpiece worn by Katy Perry during a magazine shoot in 2011 along with a tophat worn by Pink in 2004.

It's a bit of a star studded exhibit that proves fashion and art go hand in hand.

The Hats of Stephen Jones is going on now through September 4th. For more information, visit