When licenesd massage therapist Sara Newberry opened Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy in Maplewood, she knew she was walking down the right path.

Sara said, "I received the massage first and I was like, 'Woah, best massage ever.'"

Her studio offers Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.

"We do a full body, deep pressured massage using our feet," she said.

With Ashiatsu, massage therapists hold onto paralell bars while they glide across clients hands, arms, legs, feet, and back.

"It's like a dance for me," she said.

Ashi in Japanese means foot and atsu means pressure.

She said, "It benefits both of us, the therapist and client. Because I'm using my entire body weight, you get deeper pressure massage. But because I'm using my entire foot and not just elbows and thumbs, the pressure and shock is absorbed across the entire foot. So you get the pressure without the pain that sometimes elbows and thumbs can create."

The studio is located at 3104 Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood. The phone number is (314) 748-5484 and website is soleshinemassage.com. Prices start at $75 dollars for an hour long session.