At the corner of Lindell and McPherson two women are rolling out something slightly different for St. Louis, but something that feels like home for Clemence Pereur and her mother Christine.
"Like yesterday people were just sitting around and start to talk together and not even know each other so that's the concept of the shop," Pereur explains.
She first stepped into a kitchen with her mom when she was about five.
"One day I said to my mom I want to be cook and she looked at me and said you're crazy you don't want to be cook and I say yes."
She went to culinary school in France and a few years later so did her mom. 
They moved to St. Louis at the end of  2016 and opened Like Home Comme A La Maison on February 7th.
"So we have sandwich, salad, quiche, open face sandwich my favorite one," she points out.
Her mom bakes all the bread.
"So we have some baguettes that you can buy here everyday," Pereur adds.
She makes all of the pastries.
"We have macarons, everyday we have five."
One of which you probably won't find in France.
"Today for example we have the smores. So it's almond cake and inside you have a fluffy marshmallow creme and chocolate ganache," she explains.
It was a menu must after she tried the campfire treat.
"Yes, that was my favorite thing I ever eat in my life and I'm french!"
It is a menu that will change with the seasons.
"So for the moment we have a tomato and goat cheese quiche and an almond bacon.  And everything comes with salad," she says.
It is a cute pastry shop and cafe that is a dream come true for a little girl who grew up in a small city near Paris.  
"Since I was a kid I wanted to move to American and open a pastry shop.  I just pinch myself to be sure that's true."