Christopher is a 10-year-old with an infectious smile. He is happy and active and full of joy. Christopher is hearing impaired, but he doesn't let that stop him for living life to the fullest. He also has a little wish. He would like to spend the day at America's Incredible Pizza Company. If you would like more information about becoming part of Christopher's life or granting his little wish, please call the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition at 1-800- FOSTER3. And a big thank you for "We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym!" We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym was founded to provide a place for children of all ability levels to play and grow together. As the only kid’s gym that offers an all-inclusive philosophy, Rock the Spectrum offers uniquely designed sensory equipment that is specifically designed to aid children with sensory processing disorders. However, all children are able to benefit greatly from this equipment and by allowing children of all ability levels to play together they are able to learn a great deal from each other and become the best motivation for success on every level. To learn more about open gyms and classes, please contact We Rock the Spectrum at 636-529-8282 or visit