The prompt book is on the table, the cough drops are plentiful and the props are being painted. It's a sign The Muny season is upon us.

A St. Louis summer tradition Constantine Maroulis is about to experience for the first time, but no worries he's used to performing on a rather big stage. He was a finalist on season four of American Idol, the year Carrie Underwood won.

"She's starting to catch on these days, she's doing alright," he jokes.

He also received a Tony nomination for his role in Rock of Ages. But for the next several day he's stepping into the sandals of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar.

"It's my favorite show, it was my favorite record growing up. I used to play all the parts in my room as a kid."

So when he found out he got the job he didn't have to do much research.

"I already knew it front and backwards so I was like whatever I don't even need the score,"

He did, however, need to learn the choreography.

"Jon, our choreographer, was the assistant on Hamilton. He's bringing all this beautiful hip hop movement to it. It makes it so expressive and modern as well," Maroulis says.

So for the last week he and the cast have been going over and over scenes in a musical that debuted on Broadway back in 1971.

"This was Hamilton in 1970. It took the country by storm. We're sort of bringing it back to that original state with some new flair."

It is a rock opera about Jesus and the last week of his life. A tale of friendship and betrayal.

"That's what we're really trying to convey here the relationship between Christ, Judas, Mary Magdalene bringing a human element to Christ the man. Christ the disruptor."

It is a story from the bible with a different beat. A classic retold in a way that is sure to be heavenly.