Along Brentwood Boulevard between 40 and Manchester is a team that takes pride in showing people the world. That includes new places Pat Blassie, the president of Altair Travel and Cruises is always learning about.

"Oh constantly learning and that's why I love it. New people, new areas of the world that I've never even known of, you know," Blassie says.

A journey to Antarctica just recently went on this well traveled woman's bucket list.

"There's been what they call adventure ships doing this, but you're going to give up some comforts just to be there. Here you can be comfortable and be pampered."

Step aboard Silversea's recently refurbished Silver Cloud and you'll be stepping onto one of the most luxurious ships in expedition cruising. It's a vessel with five dining options, a spa, casino and exceptional service.

"It's almost a one to one ratio of crew to client," she points out.

The most memorable part, however, will most likely be the expeditions.

"It's hiking and wet landings and zodiacs. It's going to where there are thousands of penguins."

And along the way you'll have an expert by your side sharing their insights.

"They have expedition leaders, people who are so knowledgeable and educated whether it's the geology, whether it's the birds, just anything about the area.

Of course it is Antarctica so it's not exactly warm.

"Well it is going to be cold, but they provide you with an unbelievable parka that's yours to keep."

It is an all-inclusive trip for the adventurous.

"Oh yeah, but it's also a trip for people who want to see the world," Blassie explains.

A journey to the end of the earth that will no doubt be unforgettable.

"The Silver Cloud will visit every landing spot there is in Antarctica so you're not going to miss anything in Antarctica."

If you're interested in traveling to Antarctica contact Altair Travel and Cruises at 314-968-9600 or 1-800-264-1116. You can also go to