Balance Coffee and Tea is new but they're already on the right track. It's located inside the old train depot on South Illinois Street.

Owner Marshall Morris said, "Just kind of made sense that it was a train station."

That's because the owner worked for the railroad for 15 years.

He said, "It's crazy because I walked away from the railroad saying, I'm done with this type of thing."

Then Marshall realized this old train depot was the perfect fit.

"I originally wanted it for barn doors in back to get coffee pallets in the building to roast."

Marshall, who is from Columbia, has always loved coffee but living in Seattle took his love for caffeine to the next level.

Balance Coffee and Tea is a cafe and artisan small batch roaster. And there are perks from roasting your own beans.

"Fresher, more consistent, you know what you've got coming in and coming out," he said.

They make their own cold brew coffee, and you can get it in a bottle or on tap.

Marshall joked, "Day beer... you can drink it at the office."

You'll find the new coffee shop at 732 South Illinois Street in Belleville, IL. The number is (618) 641-9900. For more information, go to or