It is one of the most popular animated films in history. A tale that is about to bait audiences like never before thanks in part to a Highland, Illinois native.

"Highland High School class of we won't say," Robin McGee says with a laugh.

She's the Costume Designer for The Muny's production of The Little Mermaid.

"This is the big show at The Muny, so we have all totaled I think about 75 people to costume," she explains.

Each piece starts with research and a sketch.

"It's a collaborative process so the director will say oh I really like that or what if it does this instead of that."

She and her assistant search for just the right fabric.

"It's made out of a lot of stretch fabrics so they can really dance, dance full out," she points out.

And then the stitching begins.

"We send it out to different makers throughout the country and they make it and it comes here and we fit it and finish it in a week.

That's right, a week!

"It's the joy of The Muny, but it's also the stress of The Muny that it happens so fast so."

It all gets ironed out just in time for opening night.

"This is one of my favorite dresses and then of course we have lots of fish, we've got the carp and the sprat and the blackfish."

All of which are more colorful in this than in real life.

"It's great because you can have a lot of imagination."

So get out of her shell and dive into an incredible show at The Muny, one that is bound to make you as happy as a clam.

"I keep saying the show is going to be epic. And it is epic in size and color and scope it's going to be just an amazing show."

Disney's The Little Mermaid is on The Muny stage June 20th through the 29th. Showtime is 8:15. Go to for tickets.