It is risque and sort of raunchy even for 2017 so imagine Cabaret back in 1966.
"It was very risque in the 60's and there was a lot of controversy with it and I would say ours is just as risque, if not even more," says Alison Ewing plays Fraulein Kost.
"She is the oldest, most jaded member of the Kit Kat Club."
A woman who's been around the block.
"This is what I'm in for a lot of the dance numbers.  This and this, that's it, that's it," she explains grabbing one of her costumes.
It's a show with less fabric than most, but a tightly-woven story.
"Well, at it's heart the show is just a love story, but the genius about our show is it is set in a political background in 1930's Berlin." 
It's a tale told rather simply without any massive set pieces and the orchestra is made up of the actors you see on stage.
"This is the other thing about our show that is wonderful all of the Kit Kat girls and boys play instruments, there's not some hidden orchestra somewhere underneath the stage, we are the orchestra....And I happen to play the accordion."
Alison hasn't always played the squeezebox, it's an instrument she learned right before her audition for this role.
"So if you're not moving this side nothing comes out," she explains.
It's not the only thing that gets lugged from theater to theater, so does her trunk.
"It stays at the theater you can use it for whatever you want.  A lot of people travel hot plates and tea kettles and a kitchen knife and a chopping board," she points out.
It's just a little behind the scenes secret of life on the road with a broadway show.