A day at the office for the cast of Chicago Med is often pretty messy.
"It felt like during the first season there was a contest to see how many different ways they could get blood all over me," explains Colin Donnell who plays Dr. Rhodes.
It's a TV show that requires a lot of TV magic. Tricks the cast and executive medical advisor will happily share.
"So the first thing he's going to ask for is a knife, which in this case is dull," the advisor points out.
Once Dr. Rhodes makes the pretend cut and cracks the fake chest, he has to reach in and grab the prosthetic heart, a device that actually beats thanks to Blake, the special effects guy, who handles the controls and is usually curled up in a ball under the table making the heart beat.
It's a similar situation in labor and delivery with Torrey Devitto who plays Dr. Manning.
"Sometimes they add cottage cheese or jelly onto the babies and that too makes me want to gag," she says.
There are a lot of people behind the scenes making it all look real, sometimes it seems too real.


Watch the video to see it all!