Bevo Mill was built a century ago by the Busch family as a rest stop between the Anheuser-Busch Brewery and Grant's Farm.

Pat Schuchard said, "Anheuser-Busch in 1917 sensed there would be federal laws prohibiting liquor, Prohibition... Adolphus Busch wanted to show people could enjoy alcoholic beverages in a high class setting with good food."

The iconic landmark was recently purchased by entrepreneurs Pat and Carol Schuchard.

Pat said, "Husband and wife team. Both artists and designers. We find these great buildings all over town, artists and designers, try to put something successful in them."

The couple hopes to introduce Bevo Mill to a new audience when it reopens as Das Bevo this weekend.

He said, "There's so many young people in the city, moving to the city for the first time, so it's still the Bevo, but it's got a German kitsch to it, coined it Das Bevo."

The pub menu, developed by the owners of Sugarfire Smokehouse and Hi Point Drive-In, has a German flare. Whether it's a burger topped with fries and bernaise sauce, beer and aged cheddar soup, kraut balls with beer mustard sauce, or pork belly perogi,  you won't leave this place hungry.

"Not the old style traditional German food," he said.

The $1.5 million renovation, included things like restoring the floors to the original condition and renovating the lower level.

"Which is going to be called Das Bevo underground," he said.

Das Bevo is being renovated from the bottom all the way to the top. People will be able to rent a room for the night inside the windmill once they finish giving these rounded rooms a makeover.

Pat said, "Family members from Busch family and workers stayed there... You can look out the windows and these 60 foot blades come right in front of your window."

There will be a sculpture garden at this landmark that's turning once again.

Das Bevo is located at 4749 Gravois Avenue. The website is