It is the fourth show in the Chicago franchise, one that feels slightly similar to Law and Order.  As a matter of fact, Philip Winchester plays Prosecutor Peter Stone, son of New York City District Attorney Ben Stone from Law And Order.
"Is there that dun, dun?" I ask.
"No and we don't have that guitar solo in our title sequence either, we missed that." Winchester jokes.
Chicago Justice might not have that, but it does have Carl Weathers, AKA Apollo Creed in Rocky.
"So can you still throw a pretty mean punch?" I ask.
"Fortunately on this show I don't have to, which is really great," Weathers says.
On this show he plays Mark Jeffries, the Cook County State's Attorney and what he and the cast will be throwing at viewers are real situations.
"You have to take those stories and stretch them and treat them differently otherwise you have people knocking on the door saying you're portraying me and I want to sue you for it.  So they're based on topical things that have been in the headlines."
It is a TV show and these are just actors, but they hope the words will resonate and this will be more than just another show set in Chicago.
"This show hopefully for a lot of people will be entertaining reality based none of that quirky kind of goofy stuff," Weathers adds.