It is a busy street lined with cute shops and in the middle is The Flower Petaler, a place where you'll find a little bit of everything.

"Decor, collectibles, art work, furniture, lamps," Scott Bryan says.

And a lot of Christmas decorations.

"We have a room dedicated to nothing but ornaments," he adds. He's the store manager and well, as you can see he has great deal to manage.

"What we brought in this year that's been doing really well are these little guys. They come in three sizes, it's a table top piece, it's a tree topper or you can put it in a wreath like we have here as a center piece."

The holiday season is something they start preparing for in September. However, in this 15 room store, one room is dedicated to Christmas year round.

It's a shop that tends to bring a little comfort and joy to anyone who comes in. There is a one-of-a-kind santa and a couple of elves that have been hand sculpted and sewn. There are wreaths made any way you want by a couple of elves.

"This year and probably the last couple of years people are really gravitating towards the natural look so pines and pinecones, a little berry," Bryan points out.

You'll find lanterns with glitter and even a magic wand that will turn the Christmas tree lights on and off. It is a packed place making it somewhere you should plan on spending a little time.