In an old building built back in 1929, a new concept is percolating.

It's a place that's a coffee house by day and a high tech brew haus by night.

"So we provide coffee, we also provide italian sodas, smoothies, milkshakes so we have a lot of different options for that," explains Benjamin Brynildsen, the General Manager of Germania Brew Haus.

Joey, behind the coffee counter, rarely rests and makes more frozen GBH mochas than he can keep track of.

"It's a while chocolate mocha with caramel drizzle on top," Joey says.

You can also grab a pastry or donut and then as the afternoon turns to early evening you can grab a beer.

"The taps are the really fun part, this is the part I really love," Brynildsen adds.

It's a place with 16 self pour taps.

"It ranges from ciders to stouts, ales, IPAs so we have a whole spectrum of beers."

Each one is activated by your bracelet so you can pour yourself a little or a lot.

"You scan it and it tells you how many ounces you've poured it tracks it and at the end of the night you only pay for what you pour so literally had people come in and they'll pour two ounces and they'll pay less than a buck."

And if you get hungry you can have food delivered in from somewhere else.

"We want to promote local restaurants. We know we do craft drinks well, we do coffee well, we do beer well and we'll leave the other food to guys who know it well," Brynildsen explains.

So stop by Germania Brew Haus morning, noon or night the drinks are always flowing.