It is the longest running solo play in broadway history. The star set the Guinness World Record for most theatrical performances in 50 days and there is good reason for both.

"It makes people happy," Kevin Burke says.

He's been doing "Defending The Caveman" since 2003.

"Even conversationally we're different. They've done studies they've found out that women on average we'll speak 20,000 words in a day. Men 7,000. That explains a lot to me right there because so many times I come home Karen swears I'm in a bad mood or I'm mad at her now I realize I'm just out of words."

It is a one man show about how men and women relate that is both entertaining and educational.

"It explains men to woman and woman to men for example, if a woman says I'll call you she means when she gets home. If a man says I'll call you he means before he dies," Burke explains.

Oddly enough the actor/comedian delivering the lines has a minor in human prehistory and anthropology.

"So I was all ready to go okay Mr. Playwright let me show you where you went wrong here and as I'm reading through it exactly right, he's dead right on all of his research."

It is a funny play that is relatable and insightful.

"People have said wow this is like six months of worth of couples therapy and it's a fraction of the price."

So even though Kevin Burke has stepped into this scene more than 4,000 times every show is a little different and every night is enjoyable even for him.

"It brings people together in an age of very cynical comedy that tends to tear people apart. This show does the opposite it brings people together and you can't ask for a better job than that," Burke says.