Some of the things you'll find inside this shop that just opened in Maplewood could be considered unusual stuff but owner Ronnie Vinton prefers a different way to describe it.

"Cool stuff," he said.

The store is actually named cool stuff because you're bound to find something that'll make you look twice.

Sometimes people bring things into the shop and other times he finds them.

"From midcentury to antiques to modern, just a good mix for everyone," he said.

The majority of his customers happen to be interior designers, who've been coming here for years.

Ronnie said, "I was in the city for like 6 years and then moved to Clayton and then moved here."

From art that moves to a table that opens, Cool Stuff is a shop that lives up to its name.

Ronnie said, "Everyone comes in and they're like, 'Wow you do really have cool stuff.' And some people will say, 'No, you really really have cool stuff."

2301 Big Bend Blvd., Maplewood
(314) 853-4181
Facebook: Cool Stuff period.