Bea Doheny from Brentwood is a junior at Mizzou and already has her own business that's a little out there, so to speak. It's called Astronobeads.
"It combines astronomy, Bea, and beads," she said.
Bea has loved learning about space since she was a little girl and dreamed about becoming an astronaut.
She said, "Oh my gosh, who doesn't. Sometimes it scares people but when people are like, 'Bea would you love to go to Mars?' I'm like, 'Get me that ticket to Mars.'"
Bea also loves art and started making solar system bracelets that wrap around your wrist. Last year, she decided to create a whole line of space themed jewelry and start a website.
She said, "From there, that's when word really started to travel about bracelets and necklaces that shared different stories about our universe."
Then in October, she went to go see astronaut Scott Kelly speak in Kansas City.
She said, "Scott Kelly is an astronaut who spent a year in the International Space Station."
That's when Bea got the chance to give him Astronobeads, which he's seen in a photo wearing. But she never expected the astronaut to post anything on social media.
"The next day.. he gave Astronobeads a shoutout. He has over 5 million followers combined on all his social media networks," said Bea.
And then, blast off. Her business skyrocketed.
She said, "And I was busy beading for 3 weeks straight after that post because i was receiving orders from all over the world."
Bea has sold thousands of her bracelets and necklaces.
She said, "Have some more ideas, who knows, maybe it will turn into apparel one day, the possibilies are endless."
For Astronobeads, the sky is the limit.