The latest exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum highlights men's fashion from 1715 to 2015. That's 300 years of pants, jackets, and whole lot of statements.

Genny Cortinovis, Assistant Curator of Decorating Arts and Design, said, "Most fashion shows are devoted to women's wear. This show originates at LA County Museum of Art and they have one of the best collections of menswear in the world and they were the right people to organize such an exhibition. So, we are lucky to have it."

The exhibit called Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear is here through September.

Genny said, "It pauses for a while then goes to Sydney so if you don't plan on going to Australia, this is your opportunity."

It's an opportunity that hasn't been around for decades.

She said, "We havent had a major fashion exhibit like this since 1979, so its been a while. On occasion we have bits of fashion like in the Degas exhibition but this is really unusual."

Adults are $15 dollars, students and seniors are $13, kids under 12 are $6. This exhibit if free on Fridays. For more information and to to buy tickets, go to