When you go grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market, you'll find all the colors of the rainbow in pretty much every aisle.

Jessica Seratti, Marketing Specialist, said, "We say eat a rainbow and a lot of times purple is the part of the rainbow people don't think about."

PURPLE POWER: It's one of the food trends that Whole Foods Market predicts for 2017.

She said, "Our global buyers have over 100 years combined experience and based on their expertise, they're saying these are the 2017 food trends to watch out for."

From purple kale to purple corn cereal and even purple potato chips.

Seratti said,  "When you look at a purple vegetable, that a lot of times indicates a lot of nutrients high in antioxidants."

RETHINKING PASTA: From kelp noodles to red lentil rotini, Seratti said it's not the traditional pasta inspired by her grandmother's kitchen.

She said, "Less of a flour and wheat base and more of a base of vegetables, grains, beans, potatoes."

JAPANESE FOOD, BEYOND SUSHI:  Japanese-inspired eating is on the rise.

 Seratti said,  "We're seeing condiments that are typical in a Japanese kitchen... miso, plum vinegar and we are seeing them more and more pop up in pantries."

THE YEAR OF THE COCONUT: Not just coconut water and coconut oil.

Seratti said, "We have coconut everything. Sugar... oil in beauty products, snacks... the inside meat of the coconut."

With trends like these, it looks like 2017 is going to be one healthy year.