David Stine’s award-winning furniture, made about an hour away from St. Louis, can be found in homes and businesses all over the world.

“I’ve shipped stuff to Singapore… New York City is a big market, Washington D.C., out in the Hamptons,” he said.

There are no stains, no dyes, and no faux finishes. David said, “If you want a dark table, I’ll sell u a walnut table. It’s just a natural finish. It’s not a table that’s a walnut finish, it’s a walnut table.”

You'll also find his tables in a handful of local restaurants, these will be in chef Gerard Craft's new restaurant Sardella. David's inspiration for his work comes from the forest, a forest that's been in his family for four generations.

“When I was a kid we'd do a little bit of logging, little bit of sawmilling. And I just really got interested in the woods and products form the woods,” he said.

This land is where David sustainably harvests his own lumber, which means he’s not chopping down living trees.

“Just take trees dead or dying or windblown. And remove those from forest,” he said.

All of David’s furniture has, what he refers to as, a live edge.

“Right under the bark, so the natural shape of the tree.”

His tables are in such high demand that the waiting list is 4 months long.

David said, “When it’s done, I think it’s going to be something you're going to be happy with your whole life.”

This is American craftsmanship at its finest.

For more information, visit stinewoodworking.com or call (618) 946-1413.