They are interesting individual pieces gathered together in one cool store.

"Art work, accessories, candles, pillows, throw rugs, throw blankets pretty, much anything that you would be looking to put into your home as well as some of the things you never even thought of," says Kristin Ebert..

She and Marci Marsh are better known as the girls at Frill Home. A place where you'll find big statement pieces and little finishing touches.

"So we carry over 32 lines, the majority of them, we carry exclusively in the St. Louis area,"

It's a business that basically came together after a glass or two of wine.

"I had just had two little boys and her kids were still in school and trying to figure out what came next," Ebert explains.

The light bulb went off and Frill Home opened in June of 2013.

"Our whole idea was St. Louis has big box stores, everyone needs the big box stores, but we didn't have anything that you could find something unique."

So at Frill Home you'll find table lamps and floor lamps, even distinctive chandeliers. There are cute things for the baby room, simple works of art for the kitchen and colorful pieces for that otherwise boring wall.

"You can come in find something you love and all of your friends aren't going to have the same thing," she points out.

So if your looking for a fun gift to give someone who has everything or a throw rug to warm up a room there's a good chance you'll find it at Frill Home.