It is a sweet bedtime story filled with St. Louis landmarks even a two year old will recognize.  Pages with colorful pictures of Union Station, The Muny and Grant's Farm.
"It's a perfect baby gift, it's a perfect gift for somebody moving in town, somebody moving out of town," explains Julie Dubray, one of the authors.
Goodnight St. Louis is a book she and June Herman wrote and published back in 2013, but that's not the end of the story.
"We've got note cards, we've got limited edition ornaments, we've got mugs," Dubray points out.
 And most recently they've been unloading and delivering A Goodnight St. Louis Coloring Books to more than 40 stores, including Looking Glass Designs, in Lafayette Square.
"We've been thinking about the coloring book for a little while, but trying to figure out a different approach to keep it separate from the book," Herman says.
The coloring book also gave them the chance to add a few more attractions.
"There's so much interesting history about Circus Flora that I didn't know and that's a new page in the book," Herman goes on to say.
Even the attractions that are in the original book have new illustrations in the coloring book.  Plus there are interesting facts about each spot on the back of the page.
"For example Soulard Market, Ulysses S. Grant was a vendor before he became president," Dubray explains.
So open another chapter in a book that celebrates our city, you can paint the picture of it anyway you want.