Bright and bold. Pretty and preppy. All of those adjectives would describe a new home decor and clothing line based in St. Louis.

"I was like, why do all of these designers go to New York and L.A. and why can't I do that here in the Midwest? And a lot of people do that because of the fabrics and the markets, that kind of thing."

Meet Blair Dobson, who designs her own fabric for her home decor and clothing line, Hello Dobson.  

"So I figured if I can master the textiles, then I could go with home decor or fashion," she said.

Blair, who used to do traveling sales for a Canadian designer, has always loved fashion.

"I was always styling my friends doing hair and makeup," she said.

So it was no surprise to her family and friends when she started Hello Dobson last April.

She said, "Started teaching myself how to design textiles, literally, just sitting in my living room, 'How could I do this?' I watched a lot of YouTube videos."

Her signature print is pink and green pineapples, which you'll find on off the shoulder tops, maxi skirts, and even wallpaper.

Blair said, "People in St. Louis have been really receptive to it. Sold like crazy in Palm Beach."

Blair learned how to sew after starting her company.

She said, "I can sew a few things, pillows napkins, stuff like that. I leave the garments to my seamstress."

Everything in her line is made in the City Sewing Room, located on Arsenal street.

"I would say that are sales have doubled almost every month since we started," he said.

Her items are sold online and at some local boutiques, but Blair isn't stopping there.

She said, "My dream is to make this an international brand."

Hello Dobson is a company that's sure to have a bright future.

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