It is impossible to miss. A sort of magical masterpiece in motion that tends to stop visitors at Ameristar Casino Resort Spa in their tracks.

"Everyone loves our fountain," Patrick Mcdonald says.

He's the facility manager and the only guy on staff who was around when the fountain first started dancing.

"I've been here a really long, long time, like dirt."

It was 2002 and this beautiful bubbler was unlike anything people had seen.

"The leap frogs if you look at them they look like glass tubes. The kids don't believe that's water," he points out.

Eight spouts and six shooters that Wet Design, the same company that did the fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas as well as the water attraction at Branson Landing, designed specifically for this space. And every move is controlled by a computer in a room several yards and a couple doors away.

"That's all the filter switches for those frogs. Each one of them has it's own sand filter so it keeps that nice clear tube appearance," Mcdonald explains.

It is a room filled with pipes and gauges, nozzles and nobs, but the brains of the system is the computer.

"We have about three different programs it runs throughout the day within the program there's probably oh 50, 60 variations of what the leap frogs and the shooters are doing during that play."

It is a complex system that combines hydraulic engineering and unbelievable creativity.

A marble and limestone fountain that covers about a 40 by 40 foot space and back when it was built cost right at a million dollars. The thing is this fountain has also given back tens of thousands of dollars.

"We kind of pride ourselves on everybody likes throwing coins in a fountain and making wishes on our fountain those wishes actually do come true maybe not for the person that threw the coin in, but we donate all of the coins from our fountain to the make a wish foundation so every coin does actually fulfill a wish," he goes on to say.

And that might be the most magical part of all.