Jeff Lewis has 25 years experience working in the film and television industry, doing makeup on some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

"George Clooney would have to be the biggest," he said.

So you might be surprised to learn this makeup artist with six Emmy nominations just opened The Makeup Department and Academy, not anywhere near the Hollywood sign, but in Edwardsville, Illinois, where he and his wife are from.

"We just wanted to raise our son back here where grandparents and cousins and everybody else was," he said.

The Makeup Department and Academy is a place where you can get your makeup done, purchase the perfect shade of foundation, or find everything you need to create a one of a kind Halloween look. But it's also a school where Jeff teaches more than just how to apply eyeliner.

"From airbrushing to doing hair prosthetics to making molds, all these things you have to know to be succesful in the industry," Jeff said.

Jeff has an impressive resume. It includes doing makeup for Star Trek, for which he received 3 emmy nominations.

"Our hours would start at 4 AM till 10, 12 o'clock at night," he said.

He also did makeup for George Clooney on Up in the Air. The list of credits goes on and on. In fact, he still works in the industry.

"I just travel to all parts of the country shooting movies," he said.

Makeup is something he's been doing since he was a kid.

"Growing up in the era of watching Star Wars so I tried to recreate different creatures I saw on there," he said.

It seems the store is decorated for Halloween, but these creatures just might stay a while.

"A lot of its always going to be here because the students want to see, of course, the work that I've done," he said.

Work created by one talented makeup artist who can do everything from monsters to mascara.

The Makeup Department and Academy is located at 1043 Century Drive in Edwardsville, IL. The number is (618) 650-9270 and website is