In 1975, Richard and Sally Syberg started a catering business that became an instant hit.

Sally said, "We catered a wedding, the first one. And that led to more catering and we ran out of places to put food."

The couple opened their very first restaurant on Gravois Road 37 years ago. Syberg's now has six locations and two sister restaurants, Twisted Tree Steakhouse and Helen Fitzgerald's.

"My mother was Helen Fitzgerald, she was a real person," she said.

Richard and Sally's six children are involved in the restaurants today. Their eldest child, Debbie, works in the office, but started waiting tables the first day Syberg's opened.

Debbie Bunse said,  "Today, when I came in, one of my old regulars was in here having lunch."

Debbie's brother, Rick, is the person responsible for Syberg's now famous wing sauce, which landed on the menu about a year after the Gravois location opened.

He said, "It was an accident... mistake, trying to duplicate another restaurant's and it didnt work out that way."

There's a lot of memories within these walls, like the big snow of 1982 when customers spent the night.

Rick said, "Gravois was closed and we had 40 people spend the night here and we opened the doors and people would walk here from all over. We were snowed in for 2 days."

The family just revamped the patio at the Gravois restaurant and has big plans for the warehouse next store.

Rick said, "A brewery, a private party room with garage doors."

If you are wondering the secret ingredient to this family's success, Sally Syberg sums it up like this.

"That's all you need to do, is love people. Period."

The original location is at 7802 Gravois Road. The number is (314) 832-3560 and website is