At the corner of Gravois and Quincy in a building that was built more than 100 years ago Matthew Birkenmeier, better known as Chef Birk, is tossing together a few dishes that are quickly becoming favorites.

"I call that the meatloaf sammie and this is our favorite here this is the house made pit beef," he explains.

Both are sandwiches stacked with meat that is smoked out back.

"These are our beef briskets. So these will go on a smoker for 18 hours."

It's a process that requires a bit more than his crazy culinary skills.

"Time, care, love and tenderness in the smoker," he points out.

The result is a mouthful of flavors. Quincy Street Bistro, however, isn't a barbecue joint, but rather a place Chef Birk describes as...

"Southern American Comfort Food Midwest Barbecue Specialties."

That includes the hog head toasted ravioli as well as a sort of secret menu item.

"It's an old favorite here, it's called the south sider so it's housemade fried bologna, cheese mornay, fresh fried egg and then we have our house made beets with that," Chef Birk says.

There are also lighter options like the blackened salmon salad, but whatever you order you're bound to be impressed.

"Chicken wings best in St. Louis," says Tom Carol. He's a fan of the wings, but a man open to trying new things.

"Well, today now it's the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had."

That's the sort of thing Sue and Mike Enright, the owners, love to hear.

"Usually he runs stuff as specials and then we see how well it's received, but that's kind of his department and he has control over that totally," explains Sue.

She steps in whenever and wherever she's needed.

"We were up here this weekend scrubbing floors. It's having your own business, you just do what needs to be done."

Quincy Street Bistro is more than a business it's an extension of the owner's home. A place that also has an event space for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers or birthday parties.

So pull up a chair and start sampling the long list of locally inspired food.