Do a little window shopping at Scrubs and Beyond and you only see a piece of the puzzle.

"We have wonderful premium compression socks, we have medical accessories," Jeanne Jones, the shoe and accessory buyer for Scrubs and Beyond points out.

As well as racks and racks of scrubs. It is a St. Louis company that started back in 2000.

"We really really try hard to have the latest and greatest, the best fabrications, the best silhouettes, the best trims and techniques in our scrubs."

Shirts and pants that allow caregivers to function comfortably while showing some personality and now there's a special line of jewelry thanks to the creativity of Diane Katzman.

"We've been doing this for 17 years and when I had breast cancer eight years ago I really took it up a notch because I wanted things that I could give to my friends to spread the word to promote breast cancer awareness." Katzman explains.

She's a St. Louis artist who designed bracelets, necklaces and key rings that recently shipped to 140 stores.

"I wanted something pretty, really pretty that had zip and something that I would enjoy wearing, something that my friends would enjoy wearing."

She hopes they are conversation pieces. Pieces that bring attention to breast cancer awareness.

"We want to rid the world of cancer," Katzman says.