At Golf Discount in South County across from the golf balls and gloves are stacks and stacks of shoe boxes.  A couple of brands you're probably familiar with and one you probably are not.
"Actually zori means flip flop in Japanese, who invented the flip flop," explains Mark Medley.
They might have invented it, but Mark is doing something with the flip flop that has never been done before.  He added spikes and put a new spin on golf shoes.
"We revised them three times at least to dial them in because it's not a gimmick it had to be a functional shoe that actually works on the golf course so that takes time."
It's an idea he came up with more than than 10 years ago after a golf trip with his buddies.
"You're playing 18 in the morning, you're playing 18 in the afternoon and by the end of your fourth day your kind of tired of putting your golf shoes on so I decided to play in flip flops," he explains.
It was his best round.  So he played in flip flops the rest of the year.
"But at the end of the year the flip flops both broke and I noticed I was sliding a little bit, my heel was moving so I thought I think I can better this."
He did all sorts of research, got a patent in 2009 and last year the Zoriz golf sandal hit the market.
"It has an EVA mid-sole and a rubber bottom so you have the comfort and stability of a tennis shoe, but you still get the fun in the sun of a flip flop," he points out.
It's a unisex shoe with a reinforced toe post that currently comes in four color schemes.  A sandal I had to slip into and try for myself and considering it would get rid of that tan line around the ankle...I approve.
"You look at the golfer who has everything, your scratch golfer, now he's not going to wear these for his league night or his money game he plays all the time this is perfect for his Sunday round, this is perfect for a round with his kids or grandkids. Go to the other end of the spectrum, the weekend warrior if you will, this guy only plays four or five times a year he might not want to spend a hundred bucks on golf shoes." 
So this Farmington man's flip flip is now sold all over the country.  Of course the downside to all of this is he doesn't have much time to golf anymore. 
"No, my golf game is not very good right now that's for sure." 
A pair of Zoriz Golf Sandals will Cost about $60.  You'll find them at Golf Discount in South County and O'fallon, Missouri.  You can also order them at