In a small garage in Maplewood big ideas are always turning in Rob Usher's head.

He's constantly digging for things he can recycle and reuse. So when he stumbled onto some old bike parts it sparked an idea.

"I think I had handlebars on the table and a few of the pieces cut and it was laying there and it looked like a guitar and I was like no way! So I just welded it all together," Usher explains.

After that, however, he hit the brakes and it sat stringless for about four years.

"I met this other gentlemen who was building cigar box guitars and he walked by and said dude you've got to finish that."

He finally finished his first bike guitar in 2009 and when he plugged it in and played it he was pretty surprised.

"It's got a different character and some different overtones other than wood because it's vibrating different so it took a little bit to get used to," he adds.

Most people who see his instruments are surprised when they realize they're made out of gears and grips.

"They want to hear it play because they don't believe it."

He's even added a horn section or rather a section with a horn.

"It's like one of those deals where you made it and it's clownish in a way and you want to play it, but you're not sure if you want to be on stage with it, but it's cool."

They are as much a work of art as they are an instrument.

"I played this at church before and at the end the priest is like hey hold that up we have to show everybody."

Each one is one of kind, his creativity limitless. He's even made an amp out of an old gas can proving this is a man who looks at everything a little differently and that's sort of groovy.