11 Bravo is not your average coffee shop. For starters, it's a drive-thru on wheels. Each cup of joe they serve is made with American pride.

Victor Alaniz said, "There was a lot of days overseas in Iraq you find comfort in a cup of coffee."

Alaniz did four tours in Iraq. When he came back to civilian life in 2011, he had a hard time finding work. He said, "It's hard to put on a resume 'machine gunner.'"

He spent five years working odd jobs, "I was a tree climber for a little while."

And recently, he opened 11 Bravo Coffee Company in the VFW parking lot on Highway Z in Wentzville. He said, "11 Bravo is the military occupation for infantryman. That's what I was."

Since opening his business, the cup is half full for Victor. "It really gave me a sense of purpose," he said.

Victor, by the way, is a new dad and is not only supporting his family, he's helping other veterans. "This is the only place that the customer doesn't come first, the veteran comes first."

Victor is donating $1 for every pound of coffee used. "It's not thousands and thousands of dollars, I would love it to be thousands and thousands of dollars."

Victor supports fellow veteran-owned businesses. "A good friend of mine who a Vietnam veteran roasts all of our beans for us."

It doesn't stop there. "If we can find a cup supplier thats a veteran-owned business, we'll put them on top of our list. If we can find an ice business that's veteran-owned, that's the one we go to."

For more information, visit facebook.com/11bravocoffeeco or 11bravocoffee.com. 11 Bravo is located at 1414 Highway Z in Wentzville.