Next door to the Pageant, across the street from Pi Pizzeria is a new place to park yourself for a concert.

"On concert nights it will be open like this," Joe Edwards explains opening the blind in the box office.

Delmar Hall is the third music venue for Edwards and this time is a charm.

"When people come in from the box office this is the first place they come to," he says leading us to the bar.

The Bar at Delmar Hall is long and loaded and if you belly up to it you don't miss the music.

"We live stream the band so if you come out here to get a drink you can still watch the concert while you're waiting."

The Hall itself was built for music.

"I tore down the back two thirds of this building and built down so there are 14 inch drops and different tiers with ramps for accessibility and all, but people can really see," he explains.

Even when there's a full house.

"It can be all standing at 800 capacity, but we can also have all seating like for a jazz concert or a folk show, maybe 300, 350 people for that."

It is a place that has been tweaked to be in tune with what both fans and bands need.

"Here's the house production office they can watch everybody load in and load out. Then we have a green room here where people can set up buffets, microwave, refrigerator, sink and all," Edwards points out.

There are a couple of dressing rooms with plenty of mirrors, lights and outlets and although the doors have officially opened it's still getting a few finishing touches to hopefully help put St. Louis on the musical map.

"This place hits that sweet spot between Blueberry Hill's Duck Room which is 340 capacity to the Delmar Hall at 800 and then to The Pageant at 2,000 plus capacity that's going to help the reputation of St. Louis nationwide."