At Triple J Farms, St. Louis and St. Charles' only aquaculture shrimp farm, customers can purchase shrimp at $18 a pound. That might be more than what you're used to paying, but shrimp farmer Jeff Howell says it's worth every penny.

He said, "When you try it, you won't go back to the frozen stuff.

The huge shrimp get scooped out of these tanks after you place your order.
He said, "We actually sell them live and fresh so they are kicking when you leave the building... Some people get a little uneasy with it but after they try them and find out how good they taste, they come back."

Jeff is the co-owner of Triple J Farms, and went from the world of excavation and farming to raising shrimp. It's a unique profession to have in Foristell, to say the least.

He joked, "Have you heard of anybody else doing it?"

His family got hooked after reading an article, and learned the ropes thanks to a fellow shrimp farmer in the Midwest.

Triple J Farms has 8 production tanks and when they're at full capacity, can have up to 30,000 shrimp, raised in a sustainable salt water environment.

He said, "These shrimp are grown in clean environment. There is no hormones, no antibiotics, added to tank. Completely clean, sustainable farm. Don't discharge any of our water and are environmentally friendly."

Word of mouth is spreading.

He said, "Sold out first two tanks in 2-3 weeks."

And they already have expansion plans. At Triple J Farms, you know where your food comes from. They also offer tours, so you can come see this Missouri shrimp farm for yourself.

Triple J Farms is located at 3101 Highway T in Foristell. Find them online at You can give them a call at (636) 828-4144.