At a brand new building in O'Fallon, Illionois boutique owners are unlocking their inventory and rolling out the well.. metal carpet for shoppers.

"We have boutiques coming from Waterloo, Columbia, St. Charles, Missouri, O'Fallon, Lebanon, Nashville, Iliinois," explains Amanda Oelze.

Boutiques at the Plex is a one day event with 49 boutiques from a 40 mile radius under one roof selling all sorts of stuff.

"Fashion, home decor, your vintage markets, children's, gifts, soap, jewelry we have it covered."

It's the brainchild of Amanda Oelze, the owner of Vibrant Vida Boutique in Lebanon, Illinois.

"It's very important as a small business owner to collaborate with other small businesses to highlight basically our shops and what we offer to the communities," Oelze adds.

Christina and Jason Keck are literally rolling into the Mckendre Metro Rec Plex with Evolution of PXP.

"So the truck gears more towards a little younger, hippy, gypsy kind of vibe where at the store we're a little more career casual," Christina explains.

Step inside and you'll find handbags and cute tops, earrings and necklaces and every piece you pick up is less than 50 dollars. A few feet away is Little Peek Boutique. A place Melissa Thurlow opened with adorable handmade baby clothes, bibs and diaper bags.

"This weekend we will have all our inventory here so all the handmade baby items will be here, but we will also be doing virtual HD ultra sounds in a private location," Thurlow says.

There are baby blankets and outfits for babies born into families torn between two teams.

It is a shopping event where you'll find just about everything including soaps and scrubs made with Becky Rippelmeyer's two hands.

"Lavender soap is always a best seller," she says.

At Heirloom Soapworks you'll find all sorts of bath and body products to make that steamy shower or bath a little more relaxing.

So stop and shop at Boutiques at the Plex, an event that is billed as the biggest shopping event ever in the Metro East.

Boutiques at the Plex is Saturday from 10am to 6pm at Mckendre Metro Rec Plex in O'Fallon, Illinois. It's at 205 Rec Plex Drive. Admission is five dollars at the door or three dollars if you pre-order them online at