Bobby Bones has interviewed many A-listers on his daily radio show based in Nashville. He's not one to get starstruck, but he'll never forget meeting this country music icon.

He said, "Garth Brooks is probably my favorite. One of the only ones where I thought, 'Wow this is really cool.' I'm so jaded. Everyone lives in Nashville. You can drive to the grocery store and see Dierks Bentley buying pineapple."

The Bobby Bones Show, which can be heard on 93.7 The Bull, reaches 5 million listeners nationally on more than 100 stations. Bobby's co-hosts are his friends who didn't have any prior radio experience.

Bobby said, "Amy was at a Culver's Restaurant, I met her there. Lunchbox, he was delivering for Jason's deli."

When he's not on air, he's on the road.

Last Friday, he performed in St. Louis with his comedy-country band, The Raging Idiots, during a sold out show.

Bobby said, "We wear jumpsuits and don't take ourselves seriously but people keep coming and we put out funny songs and we're gonna keep doing it till people dont come anymore."

He might not take himself seriously but that didn't stop Forbes from dubbing the 37 year old, 'the most powerful man in country music.'

He said, "I don't think I have a lot of power because I have bosses and I get in trouble a lot but I think what they mean by the power is that I can go and find new artists and expose them to millions of people at once. I have the biggest radio show in the history of the format."

Bobby usually turns down invitations to hang out with country music stars.

"Because then they want me to listen to music and want me to do social things. I'm not good socially," he said.

But if he wanted to, he could call just about anyone.

Reporter: "You have all their cell phone numbers?"
Bobby: "Yeah, who do you to talk to? You can call 'em. I'll give you their numbers, I don't care, you can call anyone you want."
Reporter: "Let's call Tim."
Bobby: "Tim would.. hold on. He would not answer right now. One, as of we are recording this, Faith is on voice rest, she hurt her voice. And two, it's 6 PM, he works out 4 times a day. Talking about Tim McGraw?
Reporter: "Yeah, I'm talking about Tim."
Bobby: "This is his workout time so he would not answer right now."

Soon, Bobby might be even busier than he already is.

He said, "That's all I can say, that I can't tell you about my upcoming tv show."

Until then, you know where to find him.

Bobby is the youngest personality to be elected to the National Radio Hall of Fame. He will be inducted in November. You can listen to him in the morning starting at 5 AM on 93.7 The Bull.