In what used to be a living room in a home in Des Peres, Nancy Staley seems to have found her niche. It happened sort by accident five or six years ago. 
"I have two sons and my youngest was going to a dance that was popular in St. Louis and it had a theme, 'Come as your American Hero,'" Staley explains.
She came across some fabric with tiny American flags and made him a bow tie.
"And then I made 17 more for all of his friends who thought it was just the greatest and one of the moms called and said you should do this because you can't find really cute ties that are thematic, so here I am today overwhelmed with bow ties."
She's now made thousands and stitched together a nice business known as Great Knots.  
"If you're going to a Mizzou event it's pretty clear that's a tiger.  Some of them are a little more subtle," she points out.
It's a fashion accessory that tends to leave a lasting impression.
"These are some of the high schools I've done. That's Kirkwood, Marquette, Parkway West, Clayton."
Because if she can't find just the right fabric, Nancy designs her own.
"The fact that I do the fabric design allows me to also cater to very specific needs," she says.
She can create a custom bow tie for a special event, a specific holiday or just something that celebrates our city.  They also make great groomsmen gifts and an unforgettable Father's Day present.
"The monograms are a big, big seller for me."
Most of her bow ties are reversible, but they're not a pre-tied tie although she sells a lot of them that are already in a knot.
"Especially for a wedding or prom they'll ask me to tie it for them," she adds.
By the way, she also makes cummerbunds, hairbands and hairbows.  
So Nancy Staley might have lost her living room, but she's helping men find the perfect finishing touch.
You can make an appointment with Nancy by calling 314-378-6563.  You can also shop online at